Scrambled Tofu Burrito

This recipe used to be made with an egg but over the course of many months I started to make my kids burrito with organic sprouted tofu. I would do it one day and not the next, then two days but not the next and before I knew it, I had finally stopped buying eggs and the tofu my daughter claims to “hate” was being gobbled down with just as much delight as the "eggy burrito".

If you’re an egg eater and want to continue doing so, that is 100% your choice, but I felt it was important to update this recipe to reflect how I actually cook at home.

If your preference is for eggs, please only buy organic AND only “Certified Humane” eggs.  Free Range means nothing, Cage Free means nothing. Natural means nothing. 



  • Organic Sprouted Tofu - about 1/4 cup per tortilla

  • Handful Organic Spinach

  • 1 Tablespoon Nutritional Yeast (unfortified is best!)

  • 1 Tortilla


Remove Organic Sprouted Tofu from package. Slice off however much you need. I use about an inch piece of a half width block or 1/2 inch of a full size block. Slice those pieces into thinner slices. Lay the pieces onto a clean kitchen towel, wrap and extract as much water out of it as you can. Put to the side until ready to use. 

Chop spinach into fine pieces - cooks tip: pile the leaves on top of each other and then roll into a loose cigar and chop into fine vertical ribbons then into 2-3 horizontal chops to break them up. I remove the stems, as it's one less thing to complain about and quite frankly offers a nicer mouth feel. Totally not necessary though. 

Unwrap the tofu and crumble it by hand into a small bowl. Add a tablespoon of Nutritional Yeast (“Nooch”) to the bowl. Mix. Add spinach to bowl. Mix until combined.

Preheat toaster oven / oven  to warm /lowest setting or heat tortilla on the stovetop… I think everyone has a method for warming tortillas these days so do what works for you. You want it to remain soft and warm, not crispy. Mine usually go for 3 minutes on 200 degrees.

Heat up a small pan until desired temperature is achieved and when ready drop in the tofu scramble mixture.  You’re not really cooking anything, you’re getting it nice and mixed and pipping hot. 

My amazing husband recently upgraded all of our pans to Scanpan’s from Denmark. They ain’t cheap but there is no need for any fat when cooking which is a huge plus in my books. Of course you need to watch them carefully and be very deliberate with your cooking. Should you wish to use fat, try Miyoko’s cultured vegan butter or coconut oil on medium heat. 

Place the hot scramble in a line down the center of the warm tortilla, leaving an inch gap at one end. I refer to the as the butt. Fold the butt in then roll up from the bottom keeping the butt tucked in. This puppy is ready to go and if need be can be eaten in the car without too much fear of it dropping into your lap!

 - This is still referred to as an "eggy burrito" in our house and likely always will.

 - This of course doesn’t not need to be wrapped in a tortilla and can just be eaten as a scramble. It could be served on toast or an English Muffin.

 - Add all the hot sauce your heart desires!! I like to add some avocado and a little pico de gallo. 

 - Kid not into spinach? Start off with less and slowly build. My kid can now deal with a full cup of spinach in each tortilla, but used to pick out each and every strand, piece by piece.

 - Change is made by being persistent and consistent!




Scrambled Tofu Burrito.png