Date Syrup

At the farmers market this weekend consider picking up a bag of dates. Dates, otherwise known as natures candy, are a great substitute for sugar. But they also have so many added health benefits, most impressive is all the good they do for our digestive system and believe it or not they're one of the most powerful gut cleansers out there.
Known to be anti-parasitic - they also help rid the gut of molds, yeasts, bad bacteria, heavy metals and rotting food and then after they help clear it, they actually help restore intestinal function. They're also loaded with potassium making them an excellent treat to take on outdoor adventures and they can help the body release stress and toxins while we sleep! The list of benefits goes on but best of all, they taste like candy!!! I often include one in the wee girl lunchbox as her treat and she’s always stoked!!

Date "Caramel" Syrup:

8-10 Medjool Dates
1 cup Water
1 teaspoon Lemon Juice

Soak whole dates in a bowl of hot water for approx 30 minutes. Drain and remove seeds. Throw dates into high speed blender with the fresh cup of water (I like to use warm water) and lemon juice and blend for a minute or so until a thick creamy consistency is achieved. If it's too thick add a little more water. Pour into a squeeze bottle and use on anything from apple slices, plain coconut / soy yogurt, mixed with frozen berries, chia seeds and water over low heat for an instant fruit jam, drizzled over coconut whipped cream on a decadent dessert, or straight into your mouth. Will last about two weeks in the fridge!!! So freakin' delicious!!!