Arty Tom Bean

 I feel like a bit of a fraud actually writing a recipe for this but I hope it will serve as a reminder and inspiration of how simple a truly healthy meal can be.

  • 2 Roma Tomatoes (chopped)

  • 1 can/jar Beans (cannelini, black, kidney, lentils) of course soaked and cooked is best but this is great for a meal in under 5 minutes.

  • 1 can/jar Artichoke Hearts (drained, rinsed and chopped)

Add 3 ingredients together, add some herbs and spices to your liking, mix and serve.

This can be eaten as is or perhaps with a splash of balsamic, scooped onto whole grain toast, mixed into pasta, served with brown rice or any sort of way you like! It goes really well with my Avocado Kale Hemp Pesto too!!

I like to prepare a double batch of this - it will serve a few lunches, snacks and dinners over the course of a few days. Makes life easy on hustle bustle days.

Choke Tom Bean-3.jpg
Arty Tom Bean.png