To put it bluntly - I live for this shit! I love being a resource to my friends and clients, I adore problem solving and genuinely want to help people live healthy and happy lives. My vast and varied life has armed me with knowledge, resources, experience and compassion. 

Are you a restaurant that wants to explore healthier menu items or nix the kids menu in favor of real food options? 

Are you a parent who wants to implement change in your kids school and want an ally in your efforts? Or perhaps you're looking to make changes at your place of work or company to encourage healthier eating, more consistent movement, increased social awareness and involvement.

Do you have an idea for a plant based restaurant or a cookbook or school program?

Are you a doctor who wants to see more of your patients embrace a healthier lifestyle and transition to a more plant based diet?

Whatever your idea - if it involves getting people to live healthier, more conscious and concientious lives - I'd love to hear about it and find a way to work together. 


What I'd love to see more of in the world:

  • More Beautiful Plant Based Restaurants
  • More Kids Eating Vegetables
  • Meditation and Gardening in Schools
  • Homemade Snacks
  • Vegan Options on Every Menu
  • Subsidies to Small Scale Organic Farmers
  • Farmers Markets
  • Seasonal Eating
  • Vegetable Superheros
  • Playing Outside
  • Getting out of Town and Seeing the World