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Sugar is in everything and goes by MANY names. If you haven't seen @fedupmovie or @thatsugarfilm I highly encourage you to do so. Not to be overly dramatic but it's basically killing us slowly and painfully. Food manufacturers are finding clever ways to slip it into everything you eat without you even realizing it and calling it anything and everything other than sugar. Sugar is a drug and if you don't believe me, I challenge you to completely omit it from your diet for one week and see how you feel. I'm guessing you'll feel like shit; crabby, tired, hungry, pains, headaches, restlessness, shakes, you name it. Drug withdrawal is rough. But after one week you'll realize how much sugar has a hold on you and how many foods it is actually in. Awareness is a great step to better health and even if afterward you were able to just cut out half of the sugar you currently eat - you'd likely be adding years to your life and decreasing your morbidity rate too. 

According to the 2016 @worldhealthorganization guidelines they say that sugar should not represent for than 5% of an adults caloric intake. So for an "average" person consuming 2000 calories that would equate to 25g of sugar or 6 teaspoons. To put that into perspective an 8oz glass of OJ has approx 22g of sugar in it and an 8.3oz can of soda has 27g. Pretty scary shit! 



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