Eat Outside

This week I have decided to make a point of eating lunch outside everyday. I have a tendency to eat at my desk. Here are a few things I have noticed for myself when I eat outside: my mood increases, my hunger decreases, my chewing increases, my stress decreases. Eating outside, or more to the point away from distractions, allows you to fully take a break. When you're relaxed and present - your mind body connection increases which results in more conscious chewing (better digestion) and less over eating (you're actually fully aware of what you're putting in your body and your body communicates when it's full because you're giving it time and space). Your mood increases because you're in a new environment and you're taking in the purest form of vitamin d from the sun.

Allowing ourselves little breaks throughout the day can be a major game changer. It's like hitting the reset button. We're nourished, rested, reconnected and this makes for a far more productive and engaged second half of the day and a much happier person in life!

Today's salad: kale, bok choi, chard and arugula, with grated carrots, zucchini and celery. Topped with lentils, walnuts, 1/2 an avocado and a tahini, acv and garlic dressing.

It is often the smallest of tweaks that create the greatest ripple effect throughout our lives.

What is one thing you could try for a week that would create change, perspective and add to your quality of life and wellbeing?

Eating lunch outside for 5 days in row has had such a positive effect on my week. Because I purposely decided to do something I really wanted and then scheduled in the time to do it, the rest of each day was far more productive.

I always tell myself I'm too busy to take time out for lunch, though funnily enough I accomplished far more this week than I have in previous weeks of lunch in front of the computer.

It's pretty amazing how simply "deciding" to do something can transform an entire week. Imagine if you decided to do something bigger.... I wonder what would happen?

Wanting something and deciding to have something are two very different things. What do you want bad enough that you're going to decide to make it happen?