I have a thing for toothpaste. I buy it all the time and really enjoy using different ones regularly. It's slightly odd but there are worse habits. I was actually interviewed about my oral care habits years and years ago by Johnson & Johnson. Anyway, I digress.

I find it funny that some people will only buy organic food yet they buy the crapiest toothpaste filled with the most outrageous ingredients and happily brush it into their gums... twice a day!!

We don't need foaming agents, artificial sweeteners, glycerin (some major brands still use animal derived glycerin 😱), synthetic preservatives, triclosan, parabens, stabilizers, artificial flavors, colors or even fluoride in our toothpaste. Many of these ingredients are not only unnecessary but actually quite harmful.

Many are considered "endocrine disrupters" which basically means they F with your hormones, your reproductive organs, your brain function, your immune system and a host of other systems - many cause inflammation and in some cases are considered carcinogenic. Toothpaste??!!

natural toothpaste, basking in goodness, fluoride free, sis free, non-gmo


Do yourself a favor and start swapping out your toxic products and replace them with ones that not only do a great job but also align with your values.

I love @ugly_by_nature@earthpaste@dr_brite and @drbronner.

There's a flavor in here for everyone. Yes, even the kids! (3 of these belong to the wee girl - I'm inflicting my odd habits on her!!)

Read the labels. "Natural" doesn't mean anything!!! If you learned anything from Walter White it's that even Ricin is natural!!!

Have you found a toothpaste you love and one that loves you back?