Wellness Week
Part 2

I was invited into the wee girl's first grade class today to discuss "Eating The Rainbow" for Wellness Week.

I had to keep their attention, make it fun, leave them with info they'd retain and keep the level of 6-7 year old craziness at bay. I have to say, I was nervous. Mostly nervous about my daughter thinking I was a dork or worse, boring! 45 minutes later (I was only planning on 15-20) I walked out with hugs, pictures and sweet words from kids I had never even spoken to before. In short, it was amazing!!

I talked about being a health coach and how I help my clients find balance in all aspects of their life. I asked them what fruits and veggies they like and don't like and also why they thought we don't eat as many fruits and vegetables as we should. We talked about sugar in processed foods. I talked about the role of the liver and how when we abuse it, it stops working; which in turn makes us sick, weak and tired. We then talked about processed sugars versus natural sugars that also have fiber, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients and had them shout out examples. It got loud!!

I even got every kid (bar three) to try a piece of raw zucchini - the consensus was that it tasted like apple!! I'll take it!!

Then altogether we blended up chard, kale, spinach, zucchini, carrots, cucumber, berries, banana, apple, almond butter, hemp seeds and water and every kid tried it!!

Admittedly two kids called it quits after the first sip but far more asked for seconds, thirds and fourths. About half the class asked for the recipe!! I told them that we had made it together right in front of them. They couldn't quite believe that was the same stuff! It was pretty darn cute!! Thankfully I prepared recipe cards for all of them.

As I was packing up a few of the kids came up for hugs and to say thank you and a few drew these awesome pictures for me. I'm literally floating right now!!!

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