K O M B U - is a type of seaweed and like most seaweeds, has some pretty incredible health benefits. Kombu is known for reducing cholesterol and high blood pressure. It's incredibly high in iodine, which if your thyroid isn't functioning properly (underactive / hypothyroidism) can be of huge help; iron, which helps carry oxygen to all of your glorious cells; calcium, for strong bones and teeth; as well as vitamins A and C, which support eyes and immunity, respectively. Kombu is also rich in Vitamin D which is especially important in the winter months. For those wondering - it is of no relation to kombucha!

I've been a big fan of seaweeds for 20+ years but it's amazing how underused and overlooked they are in the western world.

Did you know that when you add a few inches of dried Kombu to beans while they're cooking it will not only enhance the flavor but also help break down the enzymes and make them easier to digest? Beans: The magical fruit need not make you toot!!! The kombu breaks down the sugars (which are the gassy culprits) in the beans and actually render the beans far more nutrient dense to us as the consumer! Kombu is also the essential ingredient is Dashi, the incredibly delicious Japanese broth. Seaweeds are known as detoxifiers and have an alkalizing effect on the body BUT as with just about anything - don't eat too much!!

Do you use Kombu? What's you're favorite way to use it? How else do you use seaweeds?