Autumnal Vibes


And I couldn't be happier about that! Autumn brings with it new smells, flavors, factors of coziness and seasonal shifts. I don't know about you, but as soon as the cooler weather hits I start craving homey dishes, warm beverages and dreaming of the days when we can light a fire. Outside, the trees are changing. Even in Southern California, I’ve been noticing so many more reds and oranges in nature. I absolutely adore seasons. Suddenly I’m buying more squash at the Farmer’s Market and I have a hankering for making soup.... Especially having just spent a week in NYC witha few days below zero!!! 

The onset of Autumn also brings about more sniffles and colds, more year-end stress, more financial burdens of holiday pressures and more assaults on our bodies in both the drinking and the eating departments.

I wanted to write a post the covered multiple aspects of staying healthy in Autumn - perhaps a recipe, a wellness tip and healthy advice for staying grounded and present. The longer my notes got I realized I was going to lose many of you and the reality was, I kept coming back to one thing that actually fit into all of those categories.

So, my recipe, health advice and wellness tip in one is ….

Golden Mylk

What? How could some golden-hued drink really be all that great? Well, you’re just going to have to trust me on this one, it just is.

Golden Milk has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine. Whilst it is very warming and calming, it also stimulates blood flow, quicker healing and has amazing anti-inflammatory qualities. I also think it’s delicious.

As the cooler weather starts to set in, Golden Mylk suddenly takes center stage in my morning and evening routines. Not much beats being the first one up in the morning, brewing a cup and taking it outside to meditate with a warm blanket wrapped around me and in the evenings I love to brew up a cup before getting into the warmth of a shower or straight into bed. Taking the time to make a healing beverage and then doubling down on that moment to fully enjoy, savor and exhale can do wonders for you, your psychological state, the inflammation you’re not even aware that you have and it’s good for your soul.




There are a million different ways to make Golden Mylk. Some people take 1/2 an hour to brew up a delicious blend of herbs and spices while others will use a pre-mixed blend, boil the kettle and top off with non-dairy milk. The possibilities are endless and I think they're all delicious!

Read My Full Post on Golden Mylk here



Looking for more recipes and cooking inspiration? I've finally added a recipe portal to the main navigation of my site and will be adding more and more recipes as time goes on. For those of you who don't follow me on Instagram - you may have been wondering what I've been up to since my last newsletter. Well, I've been fully immersed in a 3-month long cooking class through Matthew Kenney Culinary aka PlantLab. Matthew Kenney is a pioneer of raw vegan cuisine. I was first introduced to MKC back in NYC in the early 2000's when I would regularly eat at his restaurant Pure Food & Wine. Now he has restaurants and cooking schools all over the world and we're lucky enough to have one of his newest restaurants here in Santa Barbara (Montecito), Oliver's. Whilst I have no intention of going fully raw, I find his approach to food pretty revolutionary and incredibly inspiring. The class has kicked my ass and is far more intense than I realized it would be (4 days to make a caesar salad!!) but it has taught me so much about food, flavors, ingredients, fermentation, dehydration, patience and everything in between. Matthew has also just released a new cookbook - named after the cooking school. PlantLab would make an exceptional gift for any aspiring chefs in your life who are or would like to be more plant-based!!


Some cute apple snacks we made in our last class. Instead of snacking on potato chips and soda, the kids absent-mindedly noshed on apples, grapes and sunflower seeds for an hour!!

Some cute apple snacks we made in our last class.
Instead of snacking on potato chips and soda, the kids absent-mindedly noshed on apples, grapes and sunflower seeds for an hour!!


In other news....  I was recently invited by the FoodBank of Santa Barbara to teach a school-year long class on food literacy at one of our local public schools. The program, Kids Farmers Market, was started as an after-school program to help educate, inspire and empower kids to think more consciously about their food choices and to teach them simple recipes to make healthier snacks and get more involved in meal making at home. Each session focuses on one seasonal fruit or vegetable. We discuss the physical, nutritional and ecological aspects of the produce, then we make something easy and fun together and at the end, the kids walk through a mini farmers market stocked with donated produce from our amazing local farms. Each kid leaves with approximately 5-10 pounds of fresh produce for their family. It's a pretty amazing program and after my first class was sincerely shocked at the heartfelt responses from some of the parents. "You have no idea how much this helps!"

The FoodBank is always looking for support, particularly as we head into the holidays - if you'd like to make a donation to help with hunger relief and help fund more programs like the one I'm involved with, please consider making a donation today!