I was first introduced to Kohlrabi about 10-12 years ago in my father-in-laws kitchen in rural Switzerland. I was so intrigued - it's rare for me to have zero clue about a vegetable. After one crispy, slightly sweet bite I was a total fan. Whenever I see Kohlrabi it's instantly purchased and devoured almost as fast. Gotta say though - today at The Santa Barbara Farmers Market - these beauties were my first ever PURPLE Kohlrabi sighting (only ever seen green) courtesy of the amazing John Givens Farm here in Santa Barbara.

Very common in Germany, Kohlrabi is a member of the cabbage family but with a texture more akin to a turnip (actually Kohl means "cabbage" in German and Rabi is the Swiss-German variant of "turnip") though it can be eaten raw (my preferred way) or cooked and the leaves can be eaten as commonly as spinach or kale too!

As far as health benefits are concerned, Kohlrabi is loaded with nutrients and minerals. It's very high in dietary fiber and antioxidants. It's good for digestion as well as nerve and muscle function and blood pressure (potassium). It's high in iron and high in calcium (bone health) which also lends a hand in better iron absorption - double bonus. It's also high in carotene (eye health) and vitamin C so a great immune support and all round cardiovascular health provider.

So the next time you see Kohlrabi, get some, cut the outer layer off, chop it up like you would an apple and crunch down. I admit I like mine with a tiny bit of Maldon Sea Salt Flakes. Delicious and nutritious and makes a great addition to kids school lunch boxes!!