J I C A M A - gotta say... never been a huge fan. Not a hater just never really hit my radar except as an occasional topping on a salad at a Mexican restaurant. Kind of tastes like crunchy water to me... meh ... BUT that all changed when a dear friend sat a bowl of sliced jicama on her counter that she had marinated in her amazing special sauce. Now.... I want to eat it every day and you know what else? It's surprisingly good for you!!

A tuber (a thick part of a plant that grows underground and stores all of its nutrients), these babies are technically a carbohydrate but because they're basically 90% water they're one of the purest forms of dietaryfiber you can find in a single source. Additionally it's loaded with Vitamin C, potassium, B6 and a boatload of other vitamins and minerals. A great immune booster, hugely beneficial to your digestive health, helps manage blood pressure, keeps you hydrated and the list goes on. Trader Joe's sells them pre-cut in packs but most grocery stores in town have the root - just cut off the outside skin (with a knife, not a peeler) and chop it up!!

Special Sauce: rice vinegar, fresh lime juice, a little olive oil (optional), a touch of coconut sugar (or honey) and a sprinkling of cardamom. I'm sure there are specific measurements that work best but I just eyeballed it. It should be tart and vibrant. Let it marinate for 15 minutes or so spooning the sauce over and over. I actually used lemon juice and il fustino Kefir Lime Vinegar and it was incredible. Bottom line, use what you've got, experiment and most importantly, Enjoy!!

Are you already a jicama devotee? How do you serve it? I know it can be eaten hot too - what's your go to jicama recipe???