Once a Runner....

I never considered myself a runner… until I was. I'd run 1-3 miles here and there for a while but never stuck with it. Pound the pavement for a week or two and then lose interest. I'd always run hard and fast, with headphones in blaring fast and hard music.

3 1/2 years ago we moved from NYC to Cali & through the Jenny Schatzle Program found an inspiring group of women to begin running with. Our first run was 6 miles. I thought I was going to die when I heard their goal for the day! I was used to full on music and pounding the pavement as hard and as fast as I could but these ladies took it nice & easy, chatting away. At first my inner New Yorker was rolling her eyes - oh no! a bunch of chit chatty joggers.... What have I just joined?  But before I knew it I had run 6 glorious miles. I was hooked. We met most weekends and I was running on my own anywhere from 30-40 miles each week. I ran my first official 10k and was looking at the Santa Barbara Half to be my first half marathon.

I had finally found something that really evoked a feeling of peace, balance and solitude both psychologically and physiologically.

One October run was a particularly magical run - I remember feeling as if I were flying through the air - it was as if I was running in a meditative dream state. I came home from that run and told my husband, "I am a runner".

Two hours later I could barely walk.

For a few days I just figured I'd pulled something and rested. What ensued was months of physical therapy that made me stronger but still unable to run. I was devastated. It didn't just affect my running - I was unable to get down on the floor to play with my wee girl. Couldn't play on the beach. Sitting hurt. Walking hurt. My quality of life and that of my families was being affected. Finally I opted for reconstructive hip surgery, apparently I was too young for a hip replacement. My year+ long recovery was arduous and painful. I had some pretty dark times during that year. Very dark if I'm being honest. That was 2 years ago - I still can't run any great distances and likely never will BUT I CAN RUN A MILE and I hope I can run a mile every day and to run at all is a blessing. Thanks for the inspiration @jennyschatzle - I'm taking your #mileadaychallenge for the month of December and just finished day 4 / mile 4 with my wee girl.