What is Flu Season??

What is flu season? It's not actually one of the four I learned about in school. Why do so many people succumb to flu and colds and coughs and sniffles this time of year? Contrary to popular belief you don't automatically become more susceptible to illness when the weather cools. Outside temperatures actually have very little to do with our health (extreme cold and access to sunlight excluded). 

So why do we get sick this time of year? 

Short answer: most of us have compromised immune systems. Long answer: well, there are millions of opinions on this, old wives tales, science backed data and more data to contradict that data and it's rather exhausting and quite frankly a bit boring. When it's extremely cold a virus can become stronger. We go inside where there's dry heat making it easier for the virus to enter our nasal cavities. Some viruses are rendered inactive in high humidity while others thrive. Basically what's outside of you is out of your control. What's not out of your control is you, your health, your awareness and your decisions.

We have a tendency to hibernate this time of year. Hang out more indoors, eat more "comfort food", drink more, stress more (holidays, family, presents - oh my!) and exercise less and all of these things can lead to a weakened immune system. Making us more susceptible to catching dreaded lurgy germs. And lets not forget that we're suddenly surrounded by people who are suddenly sick because... yup, you guessed it - they all do the above too and then they cough and sneeze on you. It's vicious!!

So, what's the best course of action other than pretend it's still summer or pretend that we live down under? Well if you can't fake it then you need a little extra boost of help. The simple things - which are good all year round - eat less sugary and processed crap, drink more water, eat more vitamin and mineral filled fruits and veggies, wash your hands with warm water & soap and consider adding a few immune boosting supplements to your daily regiment. I have warm lemon water every morning but when the temps drop I force it upon my family too! That morning boost of vitamin C - paired with warm water helps flush toxins and aids in digestion. When our body is working well it's better equipped to fight off a sniffle or a sore throat before it grows into something else. It is said that if you can catch a bug within the first 6 hours of symptoms you have a 90% chance of killing it. Throw everything you have at it!!!

Here are a handful of boosters I swear by. This morning we were Kung-Fu fighting germs off with OliveLeaf Complex with a Manuka Honey chaser spritzed with Singer's Saving Grace 💥

What's your secret germ fighting weapon?

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