Superseed Powerhouse Lunch

Today's Two Minute BIG Lunch is packed with so much goodness I'm beside myself. It really is so easy to eat healthy when you have the right tools, ingredients and desire.

Each meal is a vehicle and an opportunity to nourish ourselves. We often go for the quickest, easiest option and buy pre-made - but we have very little control over what's actually inside. By spending less than 5 minutes making something ourselves - not only are you obtaining that much more nutrition but you're in total control of your choices. Making what you want not just choosing between this item or that item.

  • @foodforlifebaking Ezekiel Prophets Pocket cut in half and warmed in the toaster oven for a minute.
  • Slather one side of each half pocket with 1/4 of an avocado and a tablespoon of TJ's Tahini Sauce on the other.
  • Next, stuff it with organic spinach.
  • Finally take a handful of @imlakesh Sacha Inchi seeds and crumble in your pestle & mortar (or place them in a dish towel and gently whack 'em a few times with a can!) and fill all of the crevices with this amazing protein powerhouse super seed.
  • If so desired, spritz a little lemon juice over the top to finish. Dig in and try to not make "omg so good" type sounds!!