Plant Based Cheese

I've got to admit it - I LOVE CHEESE. Always have, always will. One of my fondest childhood memories of my father are him and I sitting around a hunk of Stilton as he poured me my first glass of port - I was about 13 or so. Growing up in England and now being married to a Swiss man - eating cheese is not only a delicacy but kind of a national duty ... BUT I don't eat dairy any longer. Over the past few months I've been experimenting with nut and seed cheeses and whilst the texture is often a little off - there are some cheeses out there that truly knock it out of the park.

This Thanksgiving Holiday I prepared nut cheese platters for both Friendsgiving (next post!) and our family Thanksgiving. All were devoured by dairy lovers who found them to be pretty darn delicious.

On the top left you have Treeline NutCheese Green Peppercorn French Style Soft nut-cheese made from Cashews. On the top right you have Kite Hill Truffle Dill & Chive and bottom center you have Kite Hills Soft Ripened - brie style  - both are almond based nut-cheeses. Served with your usual accouterments - candied pecans, dried cranberries, marcona almonds and various crackers - all from Whole Foods.

The hands down favorite was Treeline - I think the pepper really lends itself well to the tanginess of the "cheese" and the texture also holds up well - followed closely behind by the others. All were devoured in no time and lots of conversation ensued about plant based eating.

Do you think you could serve a vegan cheese platter without anyone knowing they weren't eating dairy cheese? I dare you to try it!!!