Tongue Scraping

Tongue scraping - Ayurveda - basking in goodness - preserve products 

"Healthy" is multi faceted; It isn't just a good diet and exercise program. There are so many small and meaningful ways in which we can introduce healthy practices into our daily lives.

As odd (and as un-sexy) as it may sound tongue scraping is one such way. Used since ancient times in Ayurvedic Medicine - the simple act of scraping your tongue upon raising and before bed (or after brushing) can have tremendous positive effects on your health and overall wellbeing. It should be noted it's quite different than brushing your tongue, which ultimately rubs in what a scraper removes.

Our mouths are the key entry point into our bodies and are subjected to tastes, temperatures, bacteria, the environment, liquids, solids etc on a pretty constant basis. By scraping the tongue, rinsing, scraping and repeating about 6-8 times you're not only removing tons of bacteria, debris, dead cells etc that would otherwise be ingested and/or lead to bad breath but you're also cleaning your tastebuds, enabling them to taste flavors that much more keenly and thus removing excessive needs for sugar, salt and spice over time. By truly tasting what we eat we are able to have a stronger mind-body connection resulting in greater overall balance and wellbeing. Simple.

Some say copper ones are the best but I love these ones made of recycled yogurt pots by Preserve Products.