Roll Out!!

There's a saying: Take care of your body and your body will take care of you.

I believe that wholeheartedly. We can eat well, exercise, meditate, get proper sleep, schedule time for ourselves, read, journal, build and nurture our communities and friendships, unplug, and then some but we ask a tremendous amount from our bodies and it's important to give back. Do you ever just roll your foot back and forth over a tennis ball? It's pretty great! Do you get regular massages? Do you take time to stretch after a workout? Do you release your psoas? Do you know what your psoas is?

After a near debilitating hip injury 2 years ago which required reconstructive surgery I have finally learned to listen to my body, respect it for the amazing work it does and take care of it.

If I work out - I roll out. No excuses. About 10 months ago I backed this awesome collapsible, travel friendly foam roller on Kickstarter and it arrived yesterday. I'm beyond stoked. When (easily) collapsed it takes up less room than a sweater. When (beyond easily) expanded it's strong, lightweight and functions as good, if not better, than any roller on the market. Thank you Brazyn for making such a great product and a massive shoutout to yet another rad Santa Barbara based company.

Stretching & rolling out are so important and not only make you feel great but add to the benefits of your physical activity. Stretching helps elongate the muscles and rolling helps release the tension build-up. At first it can be a little painful - there's a saying in the rolling world.... If it hurts, it means you need it. 

Happy Rolling!