Drink More Water!!!

Drink More Water!!!

It's such a simple thing to do yet so many of us (myself included) don't get enough. Some say 8 x 8oz a day, others say drink half your weight converted to ounces per day (so if you're 150 pounds - you'd drink 75 ounces per day). Some say only drink when you're thirsty and others still will argue that as long as you're drinking liquids throughout the day you're getting the hydration you need. Personally, I aspire to about 5 refills of my 16oz Camelbak (approx 80oz) and a bit more on the days I workout.

When I do this regularly, my skin is soft and hydrated, my body temperature is stable, my food cravings subside, my metabolism is on its best behavior, my post-workout muscle soreness dissipates sooner - everything just feels good and lubricated - ready to take on whatever the day has in store for me. When I don't, which is sadly more often than I'd care to admit - I'm lethargic and puffy, have dry, itchy skin, dry nails, dry hair, cravings up the wahzoo and simply don't feel "right".

Infused waters can be a great tool for making plain water a little more interesting and may get you to knock back more of the clear stuff than you would normally. Pop in a few slivers of cucumber, or some fresh mint leaves. Citrus slices are a favorite in our house - as are frozen berries. In the colder months I also like so add a few slivers of fresh ginger root.

To help remind myself to Drink More Water, I also use a water tracker app that works great, when I use it.... I also draw boxes at the top of my daily to do list and check them off as I finish each bottle. Whatever it takes - we could likely all stand to drink more water!!

Do you drink enough water? How much do you need in a day and what do you do to achieve that goal?